11 Best Lead Generation Websites, Services & Software 2021

Marketing is a vital part of any business that wants to grow and have a steady flow of new consumers. Part of this marketing process is capturing and stimulating the interest of potential customers to develop a sales pipeline with the help of the best lead generation tools available. 

What is lead generation? 

In traditional marketing, a good email list to send out your sales pitch to was enough to increase your business. With the growing competition, it’s no longer that simple. Lead generation goes as far as nurturing your target customers until they are ready to buy your product or service. The best lead generation software can help track, reach and engage with your potential customers even with the vast amount of information available nowadays. This helps you focus on more vulnerable prospects and, in turn, ensure profit. 

Here are 11 of the best lead generation tools that we think are worth your investment. Take advantage of the huge deals on AppSumo when you buy from their website!

Finding new customers and building a strong sales pipeline can be difficult. Gather all relevant information for your marketing needs with Lead Scrape! The app helps you find new B2B leads in any category more easily and efficiently. The data can be imported into any lead tracking software and marketing automation tool in CSV format so your collated information is ready to be used.

For LinkedIn users, the abundant pool of potential leads can be overwhelming. LinkHelp locks in on thousands of targets specific to your company. It simplifies the lead generation process by handpicking only contacts with real potential. Data extraction is made simple as it automatically collects contact information from their LinkedIn profiles and even their websites. You can also set up automatic responses based on included keywords to cut time on tedious work.

Growing an email list can be difficult, especially with some of your connections changing their email addresses from time to time. This leads to dead-ends whenever you send out important emails to contacts on your list that are no longer available. Leadbook solves that problem by verifying millions of business contact data daily with their intelligent B2B contact database. Gain access to live-verified data so your email list is always up-to-date. What’s more, it is available in 16 languages so you can expand globally effortlessly. 

Get the most out of your LinkedIn account with LinkedIn Lead Generation Blueprint. It teaches you how to generate organic reach and gives you access to important key decision makers so you can have more wins. When it comes to making business decisions, knowledge is power. 

Popups can be annoying, but they’re very effective. With the help of Popupsmart, make your popups stand out with user-friendly designs that aren’t an eyesore. It also has advanced targeting tools to help you maximize your reach and generate more meaningful engagement. This tool is beginner-friendly and requires no coding knowledge. It also detects cursor behaviors that help prevent your website visitors from exiting your website. This is the ultimate tool for boosting sales. 

Links on bios may seem like they only do one thing: display links to your numerous websites. GoBio.Link is a smart tool that generates leads whenever users engage with your links. It integrates MailChimp to increase your email list with email opt-ins. You can easily view your progress with their performance dashboard so you can analyze, measure and re-target users for higher chances of success.

Cold calling and recycling email lists are no longer at par with contemporary marketing strategies. Leadzy is an AI tool that targets prospects, nurtures them and converts leads the smart way. With AI optimization analysis, see at a glance what works for you and what doesn’t so you can curate the perfect marketing blueprint. Gain access to over a million leads that you can browse through using advanced search filters by keyword, category, follower count, etc. 

Not only can you use Ohmylead for your business success, but you can also add it to your services! Perfect for digital agencies, offer automatically enriched lead data, verified contact information, welcome email sent to new leads and sales alerts. Gain insight into your campaign’s performance so you can target issues that need to be resolved. Its intuitive interface yield an increased amount of sales.  

If you’ve had no luck running and managing your own ads then here’s the support you need! KingSumo grows your brand by running giveaways that are sure to go viral. This helps you grow your email list and gather leads without it costing a fortune from Facebook Ads, paying Instagram models, etc. 

In under 60 seconds, create smart lead generation and viral leads campaigns with one-click opt-in verified email addresses. Opt-ins produce more reliable contact data when used with an existing social profile. Take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon, Yahoo, Apple, Google and Microsoft to generate leads with LeadPal that gets you a 72% increase in opt-in rates and engagements. 

Another link bio tool that uses intelligent technology to gather leads, appointments and inquiries is Biolinks.app. A simple link bio tool turned into a massive lead generation machine. It has features that build trust by sending Facebook Messenger messages as well as WhatsApp, FAQ, Google Reviews and so much more. On top of that, share important links with your audience to get maximum exposure.