Leads & Opportunities for Salesforce Classic

When you qualify a lead, you can convert the lead record into an opportunity. You then work your opportunity until you close the deal by either completing it or canceling it.

Qualifying a lead indicates that you believe the lead has a use for and interest in your products, and that a sale is a definite possibility. Some businesses choose to qualify leads more quickly than others. The exact criteria for qualifying and converting leads are part of your company’s unique business process.

Suppose that you call Aparna at Get Cloudy Consulting West to talk about her deal. She likes what you tell her, and you’re sure she has a genuine interest in your product. Your lead is ready to be converted to an opportunity.

When you convert a lead, Salesforce uses the information stored in the lead record to create a business account, a contact, and an opportunity. If you’ve enabled person accounts and the lead record didn’t include a company name, the lead is converted into a person account and an opportunity.

Lead conversion process for business and consumer sales

Convert a Lead

  1. On the Leads tab, select a lead to convert.
  2. Click Convert.
  3. In the Account Name field, either select a new account or search for an existing one. For existing accounts, details about the lead appear in empty fields. If your company uses person accounts and the lead is an individual consumer, leave the Account Name field blank.
  4. If you update an existing person account, the option to overwrite the Lead Source field in the person account with the value from the lead.
  5. In the Opportunity Name field, enter a name for the new opportunity or select Do not create a new opportunity upon conversion.
  6. Optionally, schedule a follow-up task under Task Information.
  7. Click Convert.

Lead conversion form

If your company doesn’t already have a standard naming convention for leads and opportunities, now’s a great time to implement one. Naming conventions help everyone work more efficiently, because users can more easily locate a deal and understand what each deal on a list is about. A naming convention for opportunities could include a standard method for using product names, new business, add-ons, and quantities.

You can use Process Builder to automate the standardization of opportunity names. Or, if a user creates an opportunity by converting a lead, Salesforce appends the account name to the name of the new opportunity automatically.

Now that you’ve converted your lead, you’re ready to work on the deal.