Lead Generation: A step-by-step guide

Evolve. “The single-most powerful thing a retailer can do is to be willing to change. Change how you generate leads by embracing digital marketing. Change how you follow up and convert leads by utilizing software tools. Make sure your policies and procedures support your goals. And then do it.” —Ogden, QFloors

Improve the customer experience. “The best lead is a repeat customer. The second-best lead is a referred customer. In both cases, these opportunities arise from providing a great experience from start to finish. Refine your customer experience to be the best it can be and watch your repeat and referral leads grow.” —Jason Goldberg, CEO, Retail Lead Management

Leverage suppliers. “Many manufacturers and distributors have great websites and generate lots of traffic. Since they can’t close the sale themselves, they generate leads for aligned dealers on their websites. Getting free, qualified leads from great brands is invaluable.” —Caldow, Roomvo

Amplify your web presence. “[Retailers] absolutely must have a web presence. They also need to have high SEO results for their locality, which means when a prospect types in ‘floor stores near me’ (or something like it), their business comes up. Social media marketing is also becoming a big factor for some businesses, especially those targeting residential.” —Ogden, QFloors

Focus on digital communication. “Your google rating, online reviews and personal messaging drive a significant number of leads for your company. By sending post-service review requests, you develop a stellar online reputation that attracts new leads and keeps customers coming back. By using automated messaging to follow up, you increase customer loyalty and maintain crucial customer relationships.” —Maddie Sacco, marketing manager, Podium

Be patient and build a budget. “Give lead generation the time, budget and resources needed to succeed. Most successful companies allocate between 4% and 7% of gross revenue to marketing/lead generation. Put yourself in the consumer’s mindset when thinking about new ideas to generate leads. What would sell you flooring if you weren’t familiar with the process?” —John Weller, chief innovation officer, Broadlume

Managing leads