Neil Patel’s Magic Carpet – Continuing His Legacy, organized by Fran Littlewood

Neil Patel is 20 years old and an Upper Merion resident with his parents, Chet and Hema, Aunt Nita, grandparents and so many more family members and friends.  Neil is currently fighting for his life at Penn Medicine from COVID19.  Neil started showing symptoms approximately 18 days ago and has struggled along his recovery.  But at every step of the way has smiled when he can, given heart symbols with the help of his wonderful nurses, and fought as hard as he could.

Last night, April 11th, Neil had a set back and  had to be put back on the ventilator because he is unable to breath on his own and needs the help of this machine as well as a ECMO machine. 

What has continued to shine through this tragedy that has struck this family is Neil’s passion, drive, talent, love for others before himself.  It is written in hundreds of testimonials from his family, his incredible friends, teachers, coaches and perfect strangers.  Neil is a band member, a talented drama student, a Penn State college student, a musician, a son, a nephew, a grandchild, a friend, an employee and so much more.  This is a young man that has climbed mountains, flown planes, traveled extensively, been on stage, been an incredible student and yet is humble, considerate, compassionate and for all that know him, exactly what you would want your son or daughter to be when they grow up- a breath of fresh air when he walks into any room.

Neil and his family needs our help to help him breath and help them breath.  As many who know the Patel family, Hema, Chet, Nita and all the other extended family – they are always the first ones to step up to help.  They were always the ones working the concession stand at KoP Indians (them and their extended family), always the last one at a school or athletic event cleaning up, always the one to stop by and ask what someone needed when no one else was around.  You also know that it is not easy for them to accept help and they would never ask for it but that is exactly what we need to do now more than ever as a community. HELP!

 This GoFundMe is set up as an immediate way to help them financially as we do not know the impact on them with this journey they are on currently.  Let’s take the financial worry away from them so they can just breath for Neil while he gains strength to breath on his own.  Other information will be coming out with other ways to support and help but let’s get this financial support started now.

The Fundraiser was initiated by their close friend and neighbor Fran Littlewood in partnership with Neil’s Aunt, Nita Patel with whom he is very close to.  The fundraising team and the recipient and his family live in King of Prussia, PA.  The funds will be used for the care, therapy and medical expenses incurred above what is covered by insurance for Neil Patel and his family.  An account has been set up by his Aunt Nita who will manage and apply his funds until he is able to.  When he is able, he will be added to the account and can apply himself for his care and expenses.

Any questions or concerns please reach out to Fran Littlewood [email redacted] or [phone redacted] .  As you can imagine the family is overwhelmed and humbled by all the texts, calls, messages and more but can not answer all and everyone although they will always try.  Please check out Neil’s Magic Carpet Facebook page for medical updates when the family is ready to share news.